The tryptich BELIEVING IS BELIEVING will be shown  as part of the







What I love about photography is its mysterious nature. I’ve always felt that photographs are most beautiful and intriguing when they stand by themselves, and that they are far less interesting when ‘explained’ by captions.

I’m aware that this can be frustrating. Believing is Believing was made after I was challenged by my partner, Gai Brown, to add text to some of my photographs in spite of my reluctance.


To each photograph in the triptych I added a poetic phrase, a title, and a text. I’m hoping that relationships among the words the images used in this way can inspire a liberating personal experience without imposing an authoritarian context.


Below are the texts as they appear on each of the panels.


She dreamed she was painting the edges of her dreams



Beliefs are ideas or opinions we accept as being true. Advertising, religion, politics, and sports all rely on our human desire to feel part of a group. Shared beliefs help us feel accepted, even if what is believed is not necessarily true. In other words, in our political and economic culture, ‘the truth’—however unreasonable—becomes whatever we choose to believe. The danger our civilization faces is that it has become morally acceptable to manipulate false identification and belief for the short-term benefit of a few, regardless of the consequences for the planet as a whole.




All those tons of concrete could not shield the darkness from the light



A photograph is a kind of transaction between the subject, the photographer, and the viewer. There must be a certain trust amongst the parties involved. Sometimes a subject may be doing something shady, and the photographer must be unobtrusive to avoid being shot by the subject. Ultimately the photographer owes it to both the subject and the viewer to be honest.




As if a thousand holy words could kill the memory of what he had done.



Words can trap meaning and reduce experiences to second-hand interpretations. They impose themselves like uninvited guests who spoil the party. They can destroy intimacy. Captions and text create the illusion of a superior power that make us believe in an authority that doesn’t exist; they make us doubt our own experience.  Words are the primary form of artificial intelligence.